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Juried show...

I'm pleased to announce that my work has been accepted into the  Still Life: Perceptions of Inanimate Objects show at Evelyn E Jorgenson Gallery. The show runs October 1st until November 12th.

 Check them out on Facebook @ http://facebook.com/evelynejorgensongallery

Upcoming show….

New works on display @ Westland Gallery starting August 25th until the 12th of September. Opening night on August 28th. The show "1+1=one" is a collection of new work by Bijan Ghalehpardaz, Brian Dirks, Eric Styler and myself. 

Check out the article in Arabella magazine's 2015 summer issue

I'm pleased to announce that I've been included in Arabella magazine's Summer 2015 issue. Very Exciting!!!! Check it out..


Brand New Catalogs

Just in, catalogs of my work in the Ar-iA show at Westland Gallery in London, Ontario, which opens tomorrow.They will be on sale at the gallery during the show, as well as here on my site. 10 bucks. Drop me a line


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Artist's Statement

 How does one summarize one's artistic practice, in "concrete" terms, when the practice itself is and must remain fluid and ever changing? Having to conceive of the work, create the work, then discuss the work….  While it does provide the necessary foil to consider one's intentions and processes (many of which are briefly considered, solved and then just as rapidly forgotten) I'm not certain that one ever "arrives" at that definitive Archimidian moment of elucidation.  Much is lost in translation. The mind sees it, the hand struggles to create it, only to have it forever vanish into the ether, with only a glowing effervescence and a series of marks in it's wake. 

 For me, painting is as much about being and becoming, as it is much about "certainty" and doubt, as it is about the technical narrative and any ideas I may  have about beauty and it's antithesis. It's about balance; and tension. It's learning to look, to see, to think in paint. Like the the two-faced ( in the best sense) Greek god Janus, looking forwards and backwards simultaneously, to what image making has been, and can be.  It's a centuries old story whose thread we can continue to pick up and drop as we please, engaging in dialogues with figures and ideas which came before us, hopefully weaving something worthwhile of our own into the mix before we as well disappear.

 This current and continuously growing body of work is like a series of dialogues with "Art" and time. Elements of Renaissance rationale and Mannerist thought permeate the work, the tyranny of the light mass to the subordination of all else. Anachronisms abound as the technical narrative, to borrow from  Vincent Desiderio, leaps from the Gothic to the minimalist with ease. All in the service of the idea. 

 I have always been fascinated with the materials, how they work, how they behave, what I can do with them, the "how" to making oil and mud into flesh, to paraphrase James Elkins. A transubstantiation of sorts, both for the paint and the painter. To this end, I started clarifying my own oils and making my own media because of a desire to invest more of myself into the work, making it more individual. Also as a means of understanding more closely and becoming more intimate with the processes of painting in oils as a whole. In my opinion, the mind links so closely to the medium, that the paint itself becomes an extension of thought and can be tailored to respond with great subtlety to the desired individual touch of the stroke. By starting with more sympathetic materials, the process will unveil itself more readily.  


Selected C.V.

Teaching Experience

Private workshop instructor, 2008-present
University of Western Ontario, Continuing Education, 2008-2010

Relevant Work Experience

Palekh Icon Restoration, Prague, Czech Republic, 2005

The Art Students League, New York, New York, 2012
The Art Students League, New York, New York, 2007
Private Study with Eric Louis Butovitch 2005
Ontario College of Art and Design, 2002-2003

Solo Exhibitions
337 Sketch, Hamilton, September, 2014
Westland Gallery, January, 2014
Artistix Gallery, London, Ontario, 2008
The Livingroom, Toronto, Ontario November 2001
Aggie’s Café, Flescherton, Ontario, October 2001
Durham Art Gallery, Durham, Ontario, 2001

Group Exhibitions
Square Foot Show, WestlandGallery, July, 2014
8 Square Show, 337 Sketch Gallery, May 2014
Miniature Show, Westland Gallery, February, 2014
Salon S.N.B.A. the Louvre, Paris, France, December, 2013
Square Foot Show, The Art Exchange, London, Ontario, 2013
Miniature Show, The Art Exchange, London, Ontario, 2013
Square Foot Show, The Art Exchange, London, Ontario, 2012
337 Sketch, 8 Square Show, Hamilton, Ontario, 2012
337 Sketch, Miniature Show, Hamilton, Ontario, 2012
Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery, New York, New York, 2012
Artistix Gallery, London, Ontario 2010
Artistix Gallery, London, Ontario 2009
The Arts Project, London, Ontario, 2007
Mistletoe Magic, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, November 2006 Figurescapes, Riversong Gallery, Nuestadt, Ontario, April 2006
Parkdale Project Read Silent Auction, Edward Day Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, October 2005
Parkdale Project Read Silent Auction Gallery 1313 Toronto, Ontario September 2004 Parkdale Project Read Silent Auction, Toronto, Ontario, September 2003

Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance Grant, August 2014
Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance Grant, April 2006

Selected Press
Arabella Magazine, summer 2015, Artists to Collect



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New Works

Effigy 12' x12", oil on panel
Available Burlesque, oil on aluminum composite panel. 16" x 20" 
Available Final Cabaret, oil on panel. 11"x 16" Available Somnambulant, oil on panel on linen, wood, gold and wire. 12.25" x 18"
 Available Selfie-ism,
Polychrome wood
17" x11" x 1.25"
Available Burlesque, charcoal and graphite on paper. 16" x 20" 
Available Palindrome/emordnilaP, oil on aluminum composite panel. 
12" x 8" 

Past Work

Red Bow, oil on linen on panel. 11" x 14"
Private collection Sola Fide, oil on linen.
60" x 48"
Private collection 26/02/2012 (Homage to Trayvon Martin), oil and gold on copper, 7" diameter
Available In Drag, oil on linen
Avalable Svankmajer's Food,oil on canvas, 88"x 61"
Available Bubblegum Pink, oil on linen Last Supper, oil on canvas, 24" x 17"
Available In Studio' oil on linen,
30" x 40" 
Available Melusina, oil on canvas, 60" x 48"

S.N.B.A 2013 at the Louvre

Some pics of the show, as well as some close ups of some of my favourite painters work. The second pic is from the S.N.B.A. My work is to the left, I'm posing with a sculptor named Scott ( I wish I could remember his last name, I dug his work, and both he and his wife were super cool) in a "Thinker" pose. You know, the Rodin…. It's much cooler, but we thought we'd try it standing up:) Scotts work is behind him somewhere, no pic:(

Ardent supporter Towe Havens checking his camera:)