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Induction into the Ontario Society of Artists

After a long, early morning bus trip last December with 5 pieces of my work wrapped in a box under my arm, my work was presented to a jury of 50 in a beautiful old manor downtown Toronto at the Arts and Letters Club. This past June, as a result of the jurys decision, I had both the honour and privlege of being inducted into the Ontario Society of Artists.

New works/continuing series

Somnambulant #2
oil on linen on panel, wood, gold and wire
18.5" x 12.5" 
2017 The Return ( and Flight) of the Delphic Oracle, 
Oil on Aluminum panel
28.5" x 20" ,
 2016 Burlesque, oil on aluminum composite panel. 16" x 20" 
Available Final Cabaret, oil on panel. 11"x 16" Available Palindrome/emordnilaP, oil on aluminum composite panel. 
12" x 8" 
Available Effigy 12' x12", oil on panel
Available Selfie-ism,
Polychrome wood
17" x11" x 1.25"


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Teaching Experience

Private workshop instructor, 2008-present

University of Western Ontario, Continuing Education, 2008-2010

Relevant Work Experience

Palekh Icon Restoration, Prague, Czech Republic, 2005



The Art Students League, New York, New York, 2012

The Art Students League, New York, New York, 2007

Private Study with Eric Louis Butovitch 2005

Ontario College of Art and Design, 2002-2003


Solo Exhibitions

337 Sketch, Hamilton, September, 2014

Westland Gallery, January, 2014

Artistix Gallery, London, Ontario, 2008

The Livingroom, Toronto, Ontario November 2001

Aggie’s Café, Flescherton, Ontario, October 2001

Durham Art Gallery, Durham, Ontario, 2001

Group Exhibitions

Figureworks 2018, Finalist, St.Brigid’s Centre for the Arts, Ottawa, Ontario

Painting 2017, John B Aird Gallery, July 2017

London Pride Art Show, The Arts Project, July 2017

London Pride Art Show, The Arts Project, July 2016

Ontario Society of Artists 143rd Annual Open Juried show, John B. Aird Gallery, April 2016

Still-life:Perceptions of Inanimate Objects, Evelyn E. Jorgenson Gallery, October, 2015 

1+1= one, Westland Gallery,August, 2015

Square Foot Show, WestlandGallery, July, 2014

8 Square Show, 337 Sketch Gallery, May 2014

Miniature Show, Westland Gallery, February, 2014

Salon S.N.B.A. the Louvre, Paris, France, December, 2013

Square Foot Show, The Art Exchange, London, Ontario, 2013

Miniature Show, The Art Exchange, London, Ontario, 2013

Square Foot Show, The Art Exchange, London, Ontario, 2012

337 Sketch, 8 Square Show, Hamilton, Ontario, 2012

337 Sketch, Miniature Show, Hamilton, Ontario, 2012

Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery, New York, New York, 2012



Ontario Arts Council Exhibitio Assistance Grant, October 2015

Ontario Arts Council Exhibitio Assistance Grant, August 2014

Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance Grant, April 2006


Selected Press

Arabella Magazine, summer 2015, Artists to Collect

Notable commisions

Gordon D. Cudmore, esq.


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Past Work

Red Bow, oil on linen on panel. 11" x 14"
Private collection Sola Fide, oil on linen.
60" x 48"
Private collection 26/02/2012 (Homage to Trayvon Martin), oil and gold on copper, 7" diameter
Available In Drag, oil on linen
Avalable Svankmajer's Food,oil on canvas, 88"x 61"
Available Bubblegum Pink, oil on linen Last Supper, oil on canvas, 24" x 17"
Available In Studio' oil on linen,
30" x 40" 
Available Melusina, oil on canvas, 60" x 48"

S.N.B.A 2013 at the Louvre

Some pics of the show, as well as some close ups of some of my favourite painters work. The second pic is from the S.N.B.A. My work is to the left, I'm posing with a sculptor named Scott ( I wish I could remember his last name, I dug his work, and both he and his wife were super cool) in a "Thinker" pose. You know, the Rodin…. It's much cooler, but we thought we'd try it standing up:) Scotts work is behind him somewhere, no pic:(

Ardent supporter Towe Havens checking his camera:)